Josephine Stramiello, Age 82

Before Stem Cell therapy

I was taking Aricept and gradually losing my ability to think clearly or remember names, dates and current information. I went into a drug study which helped somewhat. I have had Alzheimer’s for 12 years. My daughter found out about the Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules. She decided to order the capsules.

When I called at Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s staff at their free consultant number, They answered all questions and, answering all of your concerns. They made you feel safe, which was important to me and my family.

My Results

Although my short term memory improved only slightly, I have retained many skills. Dressing, makeup, reading, identifying pictures, numbers and some writing with supervision. I can still converse, although I have trouble with finding some words. I still help prepare dinner and fold clothes. I make my bed and walk everyday. I believe the Stem Cell Therapy Plus’ supplement slowed the time frame of my deterioration. It has given me more time with my family.

Giulia Serafini, Age 78, Dementia

Before Stem Cell Therapy

One day I noticed that my mother began to forget things. During the following months, step by step, the disease affected her walking until she was ultimately confined to a wheelchair. I remember that her walking was tentative due to hallucinations and imaginary hurdles. She could only manage a few steps, leaning on two people with bent legs almost touching almost the ground. Sometimes, when there was only one person to hold her, she would fall down on the ground crying, yelling and calling “mummy”. Up to three people were needed to take her to bed or to the restroom.

She used to have hallucinations all the time. Even when sitting on the sofa, she was looking for “something” or trying to catch and throw away imaginary threads. In addition to that, she used to speak unintelligibly; uttering absolute nonsense.

She used to look anywhere, talking to imaginary people with her eyes and mouth wide open and salivating from time-to-time. She recognized neither relatives nor even herself. She did not recognize her own possessions. She stopped eating. When she did eat, it could have anything at any time, even inedible objects. She had lost all sense of modesty.

She became permanently incontinent. She would curl up while lying in bed; her muscles as stiff as wood. If we tried to stretch her arms and legs, she would scream at us. Her cognitive functions were so impaired that she would not respond to normal stimuli. She would not eat or drink. During the daytime, all she did was scream and cry, calling or seeing dead people for hours. During a brief period of time she did not sleep, even after taking prescription medication. Her face had lost all expression and emotion and she began losing a lot of weight.

It was at this point that I made the decision to take stem cell Therapy Plus treatment even though our doctors, professors and even by my brother disagreed and tried to dissuade me.

After Stem Cell Therapy Plus Treatment

During the following months after taking stem cell therapy plus’s supplements, my mother has regained the ability to select food, eat by herself, and recognize close relatives, our house and her belongings.

Now, only at night when she is very tired, she sometimes shows past symptoms of hallucinations and detachment.

In general, I can say that after stem cell therapy Plus Supplements’s regular dosage, her memory has improved (dreams/events/ prayers/ music/films). Her physical abilities, have improved. She is walking more steadily. She is more stable emotionally as well. To me these are all positive signs of cell regeneration; especially in comparison to my mother`s physical and emotional condition prior.

Jemima, 81 Years old

I am Jemima of 81 years old. I have Alzheimer’s for 13 years.I went into a drug study which helped me somewhat. But gradually I was losing my ability to think clearly or remember names, dates and current information. Then my son Joseph found out Stem Cell Threapy Plus’S Suppliments.

Now I am using your supplement for last 1 year. Although my short term memory improved only slightly, but I have retained many skills. Dressing, makeup, identifying pictures, numbers reading, and some writing with supervision.I can still converse, although I have trouble with finding some words. I make my bed and walk everyday.

I believe the Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s supplement slowed the time frame of my deterioration. It has given me more time with my family.

Jassica, 10 years old, New York, USA

My 10 years old daughter Jassica is having Autism for last 2 years. But after using your suppliments for one year, I look back and feel truly blessed at the progress she has made. Her frustration level went from about 75% to 10%. Her hyperactivity probably 99% to 20%. Her leg squeezing about 90% to 1% – although she has picked up another stim – flapping objects, however is much more easily redirected.Her cognitive abilities have greatly improved.

She is definitely still Autistic, but what a great year she has had and our family is so thankful for that!Before the treatment, it took months to teach him.

Sabrina, 45 years old, South Hampton, USA

I am Sabrina, the mother of an autistic child. My son Clyde is 10 years old. Since diagnosed with autism, I did not stop fighting for my child. All the doctors, neurologists, and psychologists said that “Your child is autistic and there is no cure for this condition.” I never give up and continually seeking for the best for him.

One day, at one of the meetings held at school for my son, I got to know about Stem Cell Therapy and its Supplements. I ordered the product from Stem Cell Therapy Plus without waisting time. And after few months I was happy with the improvments, I noticed in my son.He is very responsive, participatory, sociable, and laughing a lot.Before the treatment, it took months to teach him but now, it takes very little for him to realize what you want him to do.

Before he could not climb the stairs but now he has no problems doing that although it takes some effort.

Lauen DiCorcia, 11 years old,

Initial Results

We immediately saw significant improvements in our daughters behaviors, focus, hyperactivity, and insomnia. I would rate a general improvement of about 40% – this is HUGE for a family living with autism.

Our daughter started sleeping through the night for the first time (10 years old and yet up every night) since she started stem cell therapy plus’ s capsules. Lauren is happier just in her own skin – so much less frustrated and just generally happier.

Results After One Year

At the year mark, I look back and feel truly blessed at the progress she has made. Her frustration level went from about 75% to 10%. Her hyperactivity probably 99% to 20%. Her leg squeezing about 90% to 1% – although she has picked up another stim – flapping objects, however is much more easily redirected.

Her cognitive abilities have greatly improved (I think she is the teachers pet this year! Never been able to say that beforeJ) Her expressive language, always very low, has improved with knowing when to say “please” and “thank you” and requesting now BEFORE she has a meltdown or needs to be prompted.

Her receptive language went from about 80% to 100% making her much more compliant. Her sense of humor is hysterical – she teases us now. Her social interaction has also improved with being more interested in who is around and not finding another room away from everyone. Her loudness has decrease from 110% to about 15%….Our house is a MUCH more peaceful place. Oh yes, and she still sleeps through the night and most days I am dragging her up at 8am for school!

Granted, she is definitely still Autistic, but what a great year she has had and our family is so thankful for that !

Frank Wade, 68 years old

I live in London. I worked for many years as a printer. I was a compositor and handled lead and chemicals which were dangerous to my health but I didn’t realise that at the time. I had had breathing problems since 2008.I gradually became more breathless and found it very hard to climb the stairs. I couldn’t do any gardening, cooking or decorating; I wasn’t well enough to go on holiday. I wasn’t able to shower without any assistance.

But after using your product, I have stopped using the inhalers which I used twice a day. I can now go on short walks.

When I went to see my doctor in a London hospital, he carried out two tests and noted an improvement since my last visit.

I would definitely recommend this product to other patients. I haven’t stopped singing your praises and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me.

Mrs. Ivette Franco, age 52, Emphysema

I suffer from lung emphysema. With the treatment I have had noticeable improvements according to the last medical diagnosis, because the treating doctor told me that my lungs have improved. Despite the fact that I sometines feel tired, according to my blood tests and a Colonoscopy my stomach is much better. I feel much better and in fact the doctors will make report to corroborate this. This oral Cell Therapy has so far helped me in just 2 months and I will do it as recommended for up to 6 months.This may not be a cure but so far it has made a very good difference for me. Thank you.

Helio P, 59 years old, Pulmonary Hypertension

Dear Neil,

I am writing on behalf of my father since he does not speak English very well. You can mention his first name but we do not want for you to disclose his last name…

My father lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is retired now, he is an engineer and was an entrepreneur and business owner.

He has Thalassemia, a blood anemia and probably because of it has developed the Pulmonary Hypertension. He probably has had it for many years, but it was only diagnosed in 2007.

Before using your stem cell therapy plus capsules, my father could not even climb a few steps upstairs. Now he can walk and has much more energy. His quality of life has improved significantly.

Specifically, four months after using stem cell therapy plus capsules, the pressure of the right side of his heart dropped 22%, going from 73X20 mmHg to 57X15 mmHg, as measured by the Eco-cardiogram. This was a fantastic improvement.

We highly recommend this treatment to other Pulmonary Hypertension patients, considering the significant improvement that he presented. His medical exams are much better as well as his quality of life.

Nicole Corry, 45 years old

I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after a series of odd symptoms, including fatigue and dragging my left leg. but there is no improvment in my health. Then I studied about your product on internet and I ordered your product. Six months on, I am stable, with no new symptoms. I am still walking better, feel well and positive and less fatigued. I am even back to working as a volunteer two days a week.

Laraine Sheers, 65 years old

Right side of my body became weak and my balance was unsteady, then local doctor confirmed the start of MS and neurosurgeon suggested injections on a daily basis but I chose to take an alternative approach after a hair analysis it was discovered I had mercury toxicity from the 14 amalgams I had in my mouth. I had those fillings replaced with composite fillings and got progressively stronger afterwards, but the damage caused by the MS affected my energy, balance, walking etc.

I had always been searching for treatments on the internet and this one day came across stem cell thearpy plus advanced supplements. I sent an application to see if I was eligible for taking these supplements and a week or so later, they rang me and said I was.

It is now 3 weeks since I am using stem cell therapy plus supplements regularly and very obvious result I had which was being able to control my right foot properly when driving my car. I have also noticed I don’t feel the cold as I used to. I would recommend this supplement over and over again.

Alison French, 35 years, Multiple Sclerosis

Hello, my name is Alison French, I am 35 years old, a lady of course, and have had multiple sclerosis for the past 11 years. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis on the 14th October 1999.

My ms had gone undiagnosed for about 4 years before 1999.

So, the next ten years were a lot of trial and error. Trying different medications like beta interferons, rebif, and methylprednislone.

Don’t get me wrong. The interferon may have done its job in slowing the progression of ms. My Doctor could never say that I was secondary ms. Mind you, I was trying to hold onto my life and my faculties for as long as I could.

Only in the last 7 years have I needed the aid of a walking stick, as my balance is not good. I walk with a very confused gait.(like a drunk)

I had my son 7 yrs ago. That was an achievement. During the pregnancy, all was good. I was swimming up to 1 km. a week until I was 36 weeks. I then relapsed three months after the birth. In this time, my walking had become very stiff and animated. I tended to drag or flick out my right foot or walk around it.

I joined a gym as you do and had been doing well, going to the gym, getting my boy off to school. But in the back of my mind, I knew stem cells were going to help. Didn’t know how,who, what,where, but I knew.

So, I emailed a web site called stem cell therapy plus. I sent all the necessary paperwork and let them look over it. They called me and suggested their Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules for some time.


So what’s changed?

I can put weight on and it stays on. I was 35-40kg now am 50kg.*

My posture is straighter; not so much slouching any more.

I can get in and out of bed easier. I have colour in my face. I think I got a little taller as well; little subtle changes that have helped .

People said that I look different, they couldn’t say what it was but ‘something ‘ was different. And I guess I do feel different, good different.

Ioana Ilies, 52 years old, Multiple Sclerosis


I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 and I have been suffering of severe chronic fatigue and debilitating chronic headaches, after a spinal tap procedure, ever since. I have also been having numbness, tightness and tingling in my legs ever since, which went from below to above the knees, changing a
little from day to day. I have always been able to walk, but I have been nervous about the future.

By the way, I am a 52 years old woman. I tried two different MS medications for a brief time, after I was diagnosed, and they made me feel worse then I was already feeling, so I decided to give up on MS treatments.

About two months ago I started taking two capsules of the new advanced PE capsules, one in the morning and one before bed, on an empty stomach, as prescribed by my chiropractor. I started feeling a clear improvement in the way I felt within a week of starting to take PE.

For the past 3 years I have been in bed for 12-14 hours a day, having to take a long 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I lost my job because of my illness and have not been able to work until recently. I was only able to take a shower every other day, because I was too tired. Doing the basic chores has always been exhausting since I got sick.

Since I started on PE I sleep between 8-10 hours a day on the average and my headaches are almost gone! I used to have a few hours a week without a bad headache, and now I have a few hours a week with a headache. The quality of my life has improved dramatically, more than I can put in words. The tightness in my legs decreased significantly as well, to about half of what it was a couple of months ago. I started working part time, for the
first time in more than 3 years.

PE is giving me my life back!!! My skin complexion has improved too, as well as my mood. I always struggled with anxiety and depression. I feel more emotionally balanced and generally happy than I ever felt. I know this sounds a little too good to be true, but it is happening to me. From what I understand, PE is helping my body heal itself, so I will not have to take it for ever, although I would love to do that if I can afford it, given
all the health benefits.

I. I., Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A.

May 2016

Linda Ponce, 59 years

When I was diagnosed with ALS last September we were all in shock. To get a death sentence at the age of 59 and just after “sending off” my 4th and last child to her first year of college. I thought it was my turn to travel with my husband, retire, & relax.

I started the Stem Cell pills on the Premium Program (two pills a day) two months ago and I started to feel stronger, more balanced physically and mentally, and motivated to exercise. It was amazing results!

Two weeks ago, I did not have the funds to stay on the two pills a day Premium program and I stopped taking the pills until my disability check came in and wow… did I start to go “down hill fast”. I was emotionally unstable, couldn’t lift my legs to climb stairs, and stopped swimming due to fear of falling.

It was at that point I was certain it was absolutely the lack of stem cells from discontinuing the pills. When my disability check arrived I ordered as fast as I could the Optimum Program of three pills a day. I am feeling better in one week! I am excited about the possibility of feeling better each day and my family is thankful to see and hear my progress.

Thank you Stem Cell Therapy Plus for giving me hope


Linda Ponce

Gig Harbor, Washington

Ray Burrill, 58 years

My name is Ray Burrill. I am 58 and was diagnosed with MND in 2011.

I had been having walking problems, weakness with both of my legs and feet and diminished fine motor skill in both of my hands. I noticed a slight feet drop and weakness in my legs early in 2008. Being male, I did not admit that I had a problem. In late 2009, I decided that I had to do something about my walking problem and tried different spinal manipulation, acupuncture and chiropractic. Nothing worked and finally I went to the doctor. After 2.5 years, I was finally diagnosed with MND, also called ALS. At the end of 2011, I was really struggling to walk and continue working, also losing my balance and falling over on a regular basis. In May 2012 I could no longer work.

My continued internet research paid off when I discovered stem cell therapy plus. The customer service at stem cell therapy plus was good and they answered all of my questions and suggested that I should take stem cell therapy plus PE capsules for at least 4 – 6 months. In September 2012 I started to take PE capsules Optimum program. After 4 months’ taking the capsules, I noticed my fine motor skills in my hands had improved also I was able to lift my feet easier. Over the next 3 months, I was able to walk up to 4 km a day without the fatigue that I used to experience after only walking a short distance.

My balance has improved and I am walking straighter without my leg kicking out to the side. I notice showering, dressing, cutting nails and buttoning shirts are easier.

They may not sound much, but when you have struggled for years, any improvement is welcome. I am looking forward to more improvements as time goes by.

I would not hesitate recommending stem cell therapy plus as a way to help with MND and other neurological disorders.

Many thanks.

Ray Burrill

T. Beijer-Timmer, 47 years

Before I found out your wonderful Stem Cell Therapy Plus, I had suffered from ALS for over 6 years. I could not walk because my knees would lock. Whenever I sat or lied down, I experienced intense facial pain. I had been using a feeding tube for 4.5 years and the academic hospital in Utrecht, Holland told me that I would need it the rest of my life. I also could not digest food and was losing weight.

Fortunately a friend of mine told me about your Stem Cell Therapy Plus treatment. After taking your PE capsules for 6.5 months, I can now walk again (500m) and the pain in the left side of my face disappeared. Bowel peristalsis came back. I now can eat 4 – 6 slices of bread each day on her own and I have gained 5 kilograms in 5 weeks. I also have experienced increased blood circulation.

Karrie O’Connor, 59 years

My name is Kerrie O’connor. I am married and am 59 years of age. I have had Motor Neuron Disease/ ALS for 3 years. I first realised something was amiss when, quite suddenly, the left half of my body went quite numb. In the last 3 years, I have become a lot worse: fatigue; my left leg does not want to do what I want it to do; everything that goes with MND, I have. I was put on injections which, I still have every day. I just didn’t seem to be showing much improvement.

I researched the Internet, did my homework, and came upon your website and decided to try your stem cell therapy plus capsules treatment. After taking it for over five months, I felt much better. I can stand for a longer time on my legs, my balance has improved, my walking has slightly improved and I can walk for longer periods of time unaided. & I look healthy once more. I can only hope that I keep improving as much in the next five months as I have in the past five.

Kerrie O’connor


Ineke van der Kolk, 52 years, Fibromyalgia

Prior to stem cell therapy

My symptoms started when I was 18 years old: headache, migraine and fatigue. Due to this, I was unable to finish my education (Pedagogical Academy). I could not work eight hours a day, so within a half year, I had to stop working. In the years that followed, I spent a lot of time visiting doctors and hospitals. I the beginning, I was still able to care for my household and two children. However, the (now chronic) headache, migraine and fatigue were getting worse. Sometimes, I lay in bed for days in a row. Every month when I had a migraine attack, I would be bedridden for one and a half weeks. When I was 30 years old, I got the pain kept increasing and while the strength in my arms and legs decreased. After a certain point, I could no longer do anything. I spent 6 months at a rehabilitation center and where I learned to use a wheelchair, scooter, stair lift and a variety of adaptations for my home. When I was 40 years old, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.


Headache: (day – always) Migraine attacks: 1 – 1½ week per month in bed. Loss of strength in arms and legs. Tingling or numbness in hands, arms, legs and feet. Heaviness (like a stone) in my arms. Great difficulty in reading: eye fatigue. Extreme chronic fatigue. Walking distance was under 100 m.

The Stem cell therapy plus treatment

I started taking Stem cell therapy plus capsules in October 2009. In the first few days, I took one capsule per day, then on the 5th day I started taking the full dosage of three PE Capsules per day for the next three months.

The results

The first 3 months: many stimuli in the hands, arms, feet and legs (a sign that the nerves were working again) The heaviness in my limbs disappeared. Headache are much less severe: more in the background. Migraine attacks are less frequent.

Hortense Buise-Weidema, 52 years

I have Symptoms Cramping in the right groin and leg, hemi paralysis, tremors, rigidity, intermittent spasm then the neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson’s. I was prescribed Sinemet and Comtan. I was advised to go for possible brain surgery. The doctors decided that was too dangerous and I was then prescribed Sifrol. The side-effects of the medications were variable but increasing. I searched for other treatment options and that’s how I found stem cell therapy Plus.I suffered from insomnia and so I slept in the afternoon. Problems with focusing my eyes. I was often sick and suffered from frequent headaches.

Then I order your product, from the beginning, the results were very positive. I walk better, move better, and sleep better; dreaming about everything.I can do anything. I can walk, iron, cycle, draw etc. During the good times

Herman E., Age 70, U.S

I found some symtoms like a lack of facial expression , right hand tremor, my arms didn’t swing when I walked, my posture was bad, and my writing had become tiny and illegible.After naturopathic treatment the first year or so and did have some improvement in my symptoms but after some time I started on ropinirole along with the natural substances I was on. Ropinirole was gradually increased until I was on a total of 20 mg. a day in divided doses. I started having a lot of trouble with back pain, probably due to my slumping posture, and foot pain due to the way I was walking with all my weight on the balls of my feet. I was having trouble with drooling and in January of 2005 I was started on amantadine along with the ropinirole. I was relatively stable for about three years, my main problems being the back and foot problems.

Then in 2008, one foot became so bad with a hammer toe going over my big toe that I couldn’t walk without being in great pain, so I had a surgery. After the surgery, I was immobilized in a special “boot” that had me walking very unnaturally. As a result of that, I started having terrible back pain and after an MRI, it was determined that I was suffering from four bulging discs. I had back surgery which relieved the pain but due to the stress of the pain, the surgery and the strong narcotics I was on for a prolonged period, my Parkinson’s was aggravated and those symptoms became much worse. I began having halluncinations as a side effect of the ropinirole and amantadine.

My neurologist tried switching me to the main Parkinson’s medication, Sinemet, but I am one of a minority of Parkinson’s patients who cannot tolerate Sinemet. She then switched me from ropinirole to a lesser dose of pramipexole ( Mirapex), decreased my amantadine by 50% and added rasagiline ( Azilect). I was put on Seroquel for the halluncinations, which helped that problem. My Parkinson’s symptoms did not improve on the new regimen and so my wife started looking for alternate treatments in January of 2009. She discovered the stem cell therapy plus website and ordered your product.

At that time, physically I was very weak. I fell several times a day. My wife was afraid to let me out of the house to walk without her because of the falling. Once again, I wasn’t blinking or having any facial expression. I was unable to interact with people socially because no one could understand my speech; it was so weak and slurred. I had a difficult time feeding myself. I ate sandwiches and other food that I could eat with my hands, or my wife fed me. I am a pretty optimistic person but I felt very depressed at my situation.

Two months after the stem cell therapy plus prodcut use, I had a checkup for a hole in my eardrum that had been there for several years and it was healed up completely! The doctor was quite suprised and my wife and I were estatic because we knew it was a sign that the stem cells were active and working!

As for the Parkinson’s symptoms, I am much stronger. I still fall occasionally but nothing compared to before therapy. People tell me that I am talking much better. I am blinking and smiling and I have more facial expression. My wife noticed that I was picking my feet up as I walked and not shuffling. She also says that my posture has improved. My ability to use utensils at mealtime is almost back to normal. I have never had a very bad tremor and that is basically unchanged, it involves my dominant hand and is triggered by stress, sometimes not present at all. Recently, I have been able to reduce the Mirapex from four a day to three a day. With these improvements, my attitude and outlook on life has improved significantly. Because of the positive improvements I have experienced, I am returning to Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s Supplements.

Gilda Bertran, Age 54 years, Parkinson’s Disease

Before Stem Cell Therapy

I was a very active athlete and frequently participated in marathons and triathlons before I developed a back condition and had to undergo 3 spinal surgeries. After the last surgery my overall constitution had deteriorated. I began to walk with a stiff hand and dragged my foot. My right hand and leg were shaking. I blamed it on the surgery and thought the symptoms would wear off, but they did not. An MRI of my brain and back was performed. Based on this MRI, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in November of 2008. In December of 2008, I started seeing a neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed Parkinson’s medication to me.

The medication helped, I had fewer tremors and my walking improved a little. I was no longer walking bent forward.

My results

My face appeared blank and sad before my stem cell treatment. The initial improvement was changing facial expressions. This improvement came quickly; almost immediately. I felt better altogether. Within 2-3 months my tremor disappeared by 80 – 90 %. Today my hand only shakes a little when I am nervous.

I used to run 10 km in an hour every day prior to falling ill and prior to my surgeries. Today I still remain active and push myself, walking 6 km every day and swimming frequently.

After taking stem cell therapy plus capsules, I started to walk straighter and some of my old energy has returned. However, my walking is not very good at the moment. My right leg still drags. This is why I decided to continue stem cell therapy plus’s supplements in October of 2009.

Phillipe W.P., 64 years, Stroke

This patient started using Stem Cell Therapy Capsules and after 6 months he got improvement in his condition. NIH stroke scale measurement dropped by almost 50% from 19 to 10 (lower is better). His Barthel index increased from 60 to 70 ( 100) and his Fruhreha index went from -175 to 0 (normal). Moreover, his comprehension improved as did arm flexibility and physical performance.

Damla Uludag, 15 years, Stroke

Damla experienced a cramp in her head and felt to the ground. When she tried to stand up again, she had no feelings in her left arm and leg. She fainted and an epileptic seizure followed. Damla stayed in the hospital for 5.5 months. In 2007 her physicians told her that only limited improvements were to be expected and that she had to learn to accept her life as it was. Damla started to look for alternative therapies and was informed by her family in 2009 about stem cell therapy plus’s treatment options.

After only 3 months dose of stem cell therapy capsules, Damla’s spasticity decreased. Her hands were more flexible and less stiff. After 6 months, Damla went back to school again.

After a few months, she noticed more improvements. Damla could use her elbow better, and had improved fine motor functions. Presently, she walks better; using her feet entirely and not just her toes.

Keith Buller, 57 years, Stroke

A tooth infection got into my blood stream and developed into an endocarditis, which clogged my heart muscle and resulted in a severe stroke in 1998. I was on the operating table when I suffered yet another stroke.

Before my stroke I was very active, I was a kayaker, a bicyclist, a rock climber, soccer player and motorciclist… I certainly can not return to those activities today, but I am very happy with my improvements and where I am. When people ask me about stem cell therapy plus I simply say, “it works”! I am planning to take it for next few years.

Preston Plevretes, 22 years, Stroke and severe brain injury

Our son Preston was just 19, a young active college student and passionate American football player when his life got suddenly turned around. He was playing football at a visitor’s game in Pittsburgh, PA, and got hit in the head during a tackle. He was immediately unconscious and was rushed to a hospital just two blocks from the stadium that was fortunately equipped with a trauma unit.

Preston was diagnosed with a serious traumatic brain injury; intracranial pressure had caused his brain to herniate into the foramen magnum, a condition that often ends up fatal. Moreover Preston suffered 3 strokes and had a cardiac arrest. Thankfully the trauma unit was able to resuscitate him and operate on him right away.The doctors performed a decompressive craniectomy, meaning that they temporarily removed a part of Preston’s scull to relieve the severe swelling and pressure of his brain. Overall Preston remained in 5 different hospitals for over 7 months, 3 months in a medically induced coma.

Although Preston was already 19 at the time, we had placed him in a children’s hospital, not in a hospital full of stroke patients, because kids are amazing and because we thought it to be far more positive and supportive to be around teenagers and children. After his release from the hospital Preston immediately went into rehab, where the main focus was on physical, occupational and speech therapy. At that time Preston could not talk at all. He needed to be moved by three people, when attending P.T. Today Preston is still daily attending an outpatient rehab and – in addition – in the evenings and on weekends my husband and I take him to a gym to get him stronger. Around the time Preston returned home we were told to look for a permanent home and to accept his condition. This was never an option in our family. We started looking for further solutions to help better Preston’s situation and this is how we came across the possibility of adult stem cell therapy.

Malcolm Pasley, Osteoarthritis (Knee)

Cartilage removed from knee after skiing accident; pain, swelling & osteoarthritis.

At the beginning of 2010 I met some people at Nelson airport who told me about their son getting stem cell therapy’s products for his legs to help him walk which was an almost too good to be true story and made me think about my knee.

I then decided to see an Orthopaedic doctor early in 2010 who after seeing xrays of both knees said I had Osteoarthritis especially where the cartilage had been removed. He said it was something I would have to live with and suggested doing cycling to improve it but the evential outcome would be to get a knee replacement which I did not want.

I started researching on the internet about stem cells and its supplements, as I had never heard of them before. I got information on Stem Cell Therapy Plus website. It was explained to me how their products are administered and may help.

It has been about 7 weeks since I am using your product and I notice a huge improvement in both knees while at work. Now I am not only be able to walk, but also be able to do squats and go jogging which previously had not been able to for a few years without my knee swelling up quite large. It has stopped swelling altogether. I used to go skiing and do karate which are two sports I probably could do again. I now do a lot of cycling with no knee pain or swelling, which is great.

I would recommend this type of stem cell supplement to anyone with knee, hip, elbow, shoulder pain or osteoarthritis.

Robert Da Prato, 64 years, Osteoarthritis – Knees

I can say that after three months, I felt much better. I could walk and there was no pain in my knees. I had no further problems and no side-effects.

I felt excellent until two months later. My left knee was still excellent but my right knee was beginning to hurt again.

At the moment, I feel much better than I was before but I think my right knee needs more attention. This morning, I attempted to run; something I have not been able to do for years. I felt like I could have run on my left knee but my right knee was slowing me down. However, I am happy. Perhaps in a few more months, my situation will improve. I will keep you posted.

Best regards for now and please feel free to use my information for further publication. You are doing great work! Please keep me informed on any new progress.

Vassilis Ferentouros, 49 years, arthritis, edema, osteonecrosis

I have been an active athlete all my life and frequently enjoyed water skiing, tennis, alpine skiing and jogging. I have suffered from recurring knees problems for the past 10 years. The first problem in my left knee appeared in 1998 with a knee-locking syndrome. An arthroscopy showed that my femur’s condyle cartilage was damaged, so the treating physician proceeded with debridement and some Pridie drilling. I was fine and free of pain for the next 5 years and I was able to maintain my pre-treatment activity levels.

However, severe knee pain returned in 2003 and the MRI showed further deterioration of the cartilage. Another arthroscopy with debridement and some Pridie drilling was performed, during which my treating physician noticed that the problem was more severe than anticipated. The cartilage of the inner condyle and the trochlea was severely damaged. The lesions were approximately 12 and 10 squarecentimeters respectively. My Doctor recommended osteotomy to reduce the stress on the condyle but I wanted to wait and seek less invasive solutions.

In February 2004, I decided to proceed with an Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation; a very complicated and delicate surgery which lasted about 10 hours. During this procedure about 26 Millionchondrocytes were implanted. Then I underwent a rehabilitation program for about 1 year. A follow-up arthroscopy in February 2005 showed that 100% of the condyle and about 80 % of the trochlea cartilage had re-grown. Afterward however, I discontinued my active sports life and, as a consequence, gained about 20 kg.*

Stem cell therapy

The knee started to hurt severely again in 2008. An MRI confirmed an edema and an osteonecrosis of the femoral condyle. I was told that an artificial knee might be my only option, but a relative of mine who is a research professor advised me to wait a little for further progress of new autologous adult stem cell therapies that seemed very promising to him. At that point, I began to investigate this subject and came in contact with Stem Cell Therapy Plus.

The orthopedist at Stem Cell Therapy Plus, saw my MRI, he was not particularly positive about the possible outcome and confirmed the difficult situation of my knee. But he too advised me to use Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s supplements.

After using stem cell therapy plus’s supplements, my pain diminished. I was able to run 50 meters a few weeks ago, which is tremendous progress for me.

Currently, I am trying to lose the excess weight. To me stem cell therapy Plus seemed like the best, last resort. Compared to the more invasive, time consuming, physically straining surgical options that were offered to me, stem cell therapy plus appears to be a minimally invasive, cost effective procedure that has brought me excellent results.

Wendy Funston, 57 years, Osteoarthritis

I am 57 and South African by birth. I have lived in Seychelles, Paris and now in Cyprus since 14 years where I do interior design. I started with osteoarthritis about ten years ago. My mother suffered with osteoarthritis from about the age of 50 for the rest of her life.

My osteoarthritis started mainly in my hands and then spread to my elbows and knees following the use of exercise machines. It started later in my feet.

I have always used my hands a lot and enjoy many different arts and crafts. I am doing mosaic and painting on porcelain at the moment. My hands have gradually got worse over the years and not only were they very painful but they became stiff and unsightly with large swellings on the joints.

I read an article about stem-cell therapy plus and of course on the internet.

Staff at Stem Cell Thearpy plus was allocated to my case and was extremely helpful and very encouraging about the results of stem cell therapy plus’s supplements.

I started stem cell thearpy plus’s supplement at the beginning of November (2009) and since then I HAVE BEEN PAIN FREE!!!! I can highly recommend this to anyone suffering with osteoarthritis and the sooner one has it done the better!

Mrs. Zully Leblanch, age 43, Hip Pain, Knee Pain

I totally recommend Stem Cell Therapy Plus’ products. I have been taking the PE capsules as recommended and so far it has met my expectations and its quality is really good.. At first I had a lot of pain in the hip and knee from osteoarthritis and after the first month, I feel my hip pain and knee pain is gone. I have also noticed that I feel and look younger in just three months time. I will buy their skin serum for my face as well.

Sami Nass, 52 years, C4-C5 Tetraplegia

In 1998 the patient (52 y/o male) suffered a car accident and was diagnosed with s/p SCI fracture dislocation C4-C5 level tetraplegia.

He was initially treated in the International Hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain and was transferred to United Kingdom for further evaluation, treatment and therapy. He was then transferred to the Czech Republic for further physiotherapy treatment where he improved significantly.

MRI imaging of the vertebra in July 2001 revealed a myelomalacia of the cord at C4-C5 level and degenerative hypertrophy on the right (R) uncovertebral joint causing mild narrowing of the right neural foramen. Thoracic MRI showed wedging of T3, T5 & T12 vertebral bodies without any disc herniation and cord compression.

In 2001 Manual Muscle Testing yielded the following results:

  1. Grade 5 on shoulder muscles bilateral (B) with pain at end range
  2. Grade 4 on (L) elbow flexors and extensor muscles
  3. Grade 5 on all muscle of the (R) Upper and lower extremities
  4. Grade 2 on (L) wrist extensors and flexors

Neurological tests showed

  1. an ankle and knee clonus on (B) lower extremities and (L) upper extremities; a lot of spasticity on (L) upper and lower extremities and (R) lower extremities
  2. hyper reflexive biceps reflex on (L) biceps muscles
  3. decreased sensation on (R) upper and lower extremities 90% as to pain, pressure and light touch
  4. decreased sensation on (L) upper and lower extremities 30% as to pain, pressure and light touch

The activities of daily living (ADL) before the treatment with autologous adult stem cells on May, 20th 2009 were as follows:

Patient was independent to self-feeding, bathing, toileting (with good bladder and bowel control) and self-grooming with a standby for some assistance. He was ambulatory with assistive device (single forearm crutch) and with standby assistance. He was independent as to bed-chair transfers with a standby to offer some assistance.

Three months after the treatment with autologous adult stem cells, the patient reported the following improvements of his condition:

  1. less pain in his limbs and back
  2. decreased spasticity in his limbs
  3. more strength in his limbs and fingers
  4. longer duration of possible muscular activity
  5. regaining sensation in parts of his body
  6. bladder and bowl function
  7. sexual function

Eleven months after the treatment the patient does not need assistance in all activities of daily living. Furthermore, the patient is able to walk at least 50 meters and to use stairs supported by a walking stick.

Michael Delaney, 21 years, Spinal Cord Injury

The Accident

In late December 2007 Michael broke the adontoid peg off C2 and damaged C3 and C5 in a swimming accident. He lay face down in the water Michael Delaneybecause he was paralysed and when he was pulled from the water unconscious, the paramedic resuscitated him. He gradually regained movement down his left side but was totally paralysed down his right side and had limited sensation/feeling down his left side.

He had an operation in which a screw was put in place to secure the peg in C2, however after six weeks this was not successful and so he wore a halo for 3 months in an attempt to mend the bones. This too was unsuccessful and in late May he had another operation, which fused C 1 and C 2 and eventually, in October, his spine was finally stabilised and he could finally begin intensive exercise. However his spinal cord was damaged and very slowly, he has regained movement down his right side.

Ater using Stem Cell Thearpy plus Supplements

Before using stem cell thearpy plus product,his development had slowed right up even with all the exercise, but by June after the stem cell treatment, he had gained more dexterity in his hand. He was barely able to write and sign his name but by July, he was able to write his own lecture notes at University. He was now able to throw and catch a ball and began to develop a running technique on the treadmill and began to play darts.

In December, he is slowly improving his running technique and is now able to bowl over-arm (as in a cricket game) and play tennis. He can balance on his right leg for at least 5 minutes.

Michael’s Message on Recovery and Stem Cell Therapy Plus

Before the accident, Michael was a very talented hockey player. He was playing for the New Zealand Junior Black Sticks and was well known in many parts of New Zealand for his hockey ability and bright future. Since his accident, he along with his family, has been on TV and in the newspapers telling New Zealanders about his journey and how stem cell thearpy plus, along with regular physiotherapy and constant work in the gymnasium, have helped him to almost gain full recovery.

Willie Joswig, 81 Years, Wet Macular Degeneration

I had stem cell thearpy plus in November 2009. My best corrected vision as of September 30, 2010 is right eye 20/100 and left eye 20/100. So objectively, I have improved from 20/200 to 20/100 in the left eye since using stem cell therapy plus’s supplements.

After using stem cell therapy plus’s supplements, I was able to read the newspaper without glasses. Then after 6 weeks, I did not believe in miracles anymore since my eyesight had deteriorated again. A few weeks ago, I looked at a book and found out that I was able to read again. This time it will persist. I lknow that. I would like to thank you and all the medical team that helped me with my improvements. I really appreciate it. I give you the right to publish my story and in order to help other patients.

Johan Grove, 44 years, Fundus Flavi Maculatis

The number 4 is what I could see before my stem cell treatment. After using stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements, I am able to see the smaller numbers 9, 4 and 7. This is an improvement of 5 lines on the eye chart.

How long did you have to wait to “see” results?

I had to wait three months for my first visit to the eye specialist, then another three months to the second follow up, then according to those in the know anything from one to six more months for the full results. This has been very hard on me….If it was not for the fact that I am flooded with work, I have no idea how I would get through this. Also, if it was not for the prayers and words of encouragement from family and friends, this would be a lot harder.

And did you improve?

Yes indeed. My vision has improved from 6 / 360 to 6 / 120, five lines on the eye chart after 7 months. ( as you can see on the picture). My color vision has improved to a point where I can see the actual color like dark brown, dark green, dark blue or purple. Previously I could only distinguish between light and dark colors. This is great!

Nancy Rice, 75 years, Macular Degeneration

Patient Background

All day today I have watched the falling snow with the full realization that it might not have been possible but for the grace of things made possible in this wonderful world of ours. I live near Bucharest now, but I lived most of my life in Texas where, in my last position before retirement, I was fortunately selected to be a counselor for disabled students in a community college. It was there that I became aware of the kinds of assistance needed by people who have lost their vision – even a part of it.


Thus, about ten years ago when my ophthalmologist told me that I had the earliest signs of Macular Degeneration, I knew what that meant and knew that I had to prepare myself for the eventuality of the loss of the major portion of my sight. I took the suggested vitamins and minerals, ate accordingly and did research to see if there was anything that could be done to preserve that precious gift of sight.

Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s Supplements

In the fall of 2008 in email conversations with my sister, I became aware of the possibility of stem cell therapy plus. I was worried, but consolation was at hand and I was grateful that my husband was with me even though I could have managed alone.

Bill Baerlocher, 78 years, Dry and Wet Macular Degeneration


I was born on April 13, 1932 and have lived in the Western United States all of my life. After my retirement in 1992 I became a tax preparer and still continue to usher part-time at the Benaroya Hall where the Seattle Symphony performs.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

For many years my eyesight gradually deteriorated and in 2006 my sight became too bad to be employed as a tax preparer. I continued to work as an usher, reading tickets with visual aids until December 2009. My symptoms became pronounced and I was not able to see the curb, cracks in the sidewalk, street signs, using sharp knives, watch sporting events, drive, etc.

After Using Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s Supplements

My eyesight has improved from 20/400 to 20/150 in my left eye and from 20/80 to 20/70 in my right, as measured by my ophthalmologist in Seattle.

I can now see a sign from our window (we live on the 20th floor of a condominium) that is 1 mile away that I have not seen for at least six years, I can walk by myself safely down the sidewalk and read signs, I can read with good lighting and have returned to ushering as I can again read the tickets. My eyesight still does not allow me to drive.

Recommending Stem Cell Therapy Plus to Others

I am willing to share my experience and I tell everyone it is a personal decision that one must make. I freely give the web site address to anyone interested.

Bill Baerlocher, 78 years, Dry and Wet Macular Degeneration


I was born on April 13, 1932 and have lived in the Western United States all of my life. After my retirement in 1992 I became a tax preparer and still continue to usher part-time at the Benaroya Hall where the Seattle Symphony performs.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

For many years my eyesight gradually deteriorated and in 2006 my sight became too bad to be employed as a tax preparer. I continued to work as an usher, reading tickets with visual aids until December 2009. My symptoms became pronounced and I was not able to see the curb, cracks in the sidewalk, street signs, using sharp knives, watch sporting events, drive, etc.

After Using Stem Cell Therapy Plus’s Supplements

My eyesight has improved from 20/400 to 20/150 in my left eye and from 20/80 to 20/70 in my right, as measured by my ophthalmologist in Seattle.

I can now see a sign from our window (we live on the 20th floor of a condominium) that is 1 mile away that I have not seen for at least six years, I can walk by myself safely down the sidewalk and read signs, I can read with good lighting and have returned to ushering as I can again read the tickets. My eyesight still does not allow me to drive.

Recommending Stem Cell Therapy Plus to Others

I am willing to share my experience and I tell everyone it is a personal decision that one must make. I freely give the web site address to anyone interested.

Mr. K Singh, 64 years old, CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

I was a CKD patient whose Serum Creatinine had reached critical levels of up to 10.3 as tested on May 27th 2017 (just before I started taking Stem Cell Therapy treatment). The levels were 6.9 on 13th February 2017, 8.74 on May 14th 2017 and 10.3 on 27th May. This shows a rapid increase in the cretanine levels indicating a fast progressing disease. I had consistently resisted requests for a dialysis and wanted to do stem cell therapy so to avoid the need of dialysis in future as well.

After taking Stem Cell Therapy Plus PE Capsules for 3 months, my Serum Creatinine levels were re-checked in September 2017 and it has fallen to 6.2, I was very glad with that results. I kept on taking PE Capsules for another 3 months as recommended and in December 2017 my Serum Creatinine levels to be stable at 5.9, this clearly shows that the progression of the disease as halted and the drop in creatinine levels indicate start of the healing procedure of my damaged kidneys.

I am very happy with Stem Cell Therapy Plus PE Capsules treatment and would like to recommend it to anyone who has CKD.

Avaia DiMarco

My monther had trouble paying attention before. Her eyes would wander constantly. Lights attracted her attention but not her focus.

“Since She has started taking stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements, she’s taking time to look at things, she’s focusing a lot better, even on people’s faces,” Ashley DiMarco said.

“If she’s interested in it, it could be a toy, a person, anything, she just really takes her time to focus on what it is. She does take her breaks, but she’s doing so much better. She is much more alert.”

Jona Ghelli, 16 years, Cerebral Palsy

Joanne Ghelli said the seemingly run-of-the-mill statement was important because Jona had always had trouble expressing when she was sick or in pain. “I’m saying to myself, ‘Wow, she’s telling me.”‘

A few days later, when touring a castle in Frankfurt, Joanne said she was holding Jona’s hand, which was totally relaxed. Damage to the motor control centers in Jona’s brain cause increased muscle tone, making her muscles stiff. Joanne Ghelli said it used to hurt to hold her daughter’s hand.

There are other small improvements, too, like when Jona is getting dressed. Joanne Ghelli said she used to have to struggle to get a pair of pants onto Jona, but now she doesn’t fight back and even points her toes into the pant legs instead of keeping her feet at a 90-degree angle.

But perhaps most encouraging, Jona’s mother said, are the small steps she has made in cognitive ability and her ability to voice her needs.

“She is verbalizing so much more,” she said. “You can absolutely have a short conversation with her. … She says things like, ‘Mom, can you help me dress? I need help. I can’t do it.”‘

In the past, Joanne Ghelli said, that sentiment would usually be conveyed with a “Help Jona.”

Joanne Ghelli said that since Jona returned on Oct. 10, her instructors have noticed improvements as well.

Stem Cell Thearpy Plus made it possiple. Thank you

Ethan Radtke, 5 years, Cerebral Palsy

Ethan Radtke lies on his back on the living room floor and proudly crosses his legs. With a little prompting, he spreads them apart and pulls his knees up toward his chest.

The exercises may not seem that impressive to a stranger. But for this 5-year-old West Fargo boy, every new leg movement is a milestone.

His mother, Lisa Radtke, watches with a smile as Ethan sits in a kitchen chair, his legs apart and dangling below him, and tosses a ball into a bucket.

“For him to sit lik that before would have never happened,” she says. “His legs were clasped together.”

Hasbargen’s eyes light up when Ethan bends a leg far enough to reach his shoe to take it off – another task not possible prior to the treatment.

“His tone has really improved,” she says.

Asked how his legs feel now, Ethan musters up a shy “good” and pulls up on his right shin, which moves with ease.

He’s able to keep his legs spread apart for long periods of time, which has allowed him to wear Pull-Ups – important for a kid who just started kindergarten, his mom says.

He also walks on his knees more easily, and his mouth and tongue muscles are more relaxed, giving him better speech control.

However, his muscles’ new pliability has its drawbacks. The loss of muscle tone means he can’t go as far with his walker, and his muscles are short and tight from years of tension. He’s unable to stand and must use a wheelchair.

“I would recommend stem cell thearpy plus to all, suffering from this kind of Disease.,” Lisa Radtke says.

Bence Puskás, 10 years, Cerebral Palsy

My name is Bence Puskás. I am 10 years old now. I was born prematurely but healthy. However, due to an infection, I suffered from brain hypoxia (not enough oxygen) that caused a central nervous system lesion. What does this mean?

All of my limbs can move but still I can’t walk unassisted. My eyes are intact but still I can’t see normally. I can talk but nobody understands me. But despite these facts, I am a cheerful boy who believes that something better will follow these afflictions and pains.

I go to a special school in Kaposvár where many specialized people educate and care for me. My parents take me there every week.

My eyesight and my immune system became much better. My cognitive skills and my ability to move improved.

Now, I can stand steady while holding something with my hands. I can also grab and hold things better with my hands. I’ve learnt some new words as well.

These days, I still do everything I can with the help of my parents but I think Stem cell Thearpy plus’s supplements (Able Capsules) would help me attain a self-sufficient life.

Faaris Kutty, 3 years, Cerebral Palsy

Background and Diagnosis

Faaris was born at 25 weeks, weighing 798 g (1lb 11oz). He had a Hemorrhage in his Cerebellum at 4 weeks old and after spending 5 months in an NICU he was free to enter our world. We noticed that he was slow in his overall development and at one and a half Faaris was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Since his departure from the NICU he was receiving therapy and when he turned two we intensified his therapy by placing him a private special needs school where he also receives daily physiotherapy, speech, occupational and music therapies.
Results of Stem Cell Thearpy Plus’s Supplements

On the 50th day after the stem cell thearpy plus able capsules intake, it was our great surprise we noticed results! He could sing “Twinkle Little Star” in its entirety!

One Month after stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements Intake

Faaris has made some real gains in this last month. He is continuously saying 3-4 word sentences and making up his own too instead of repeating what we are saying. He is articulating verbally what he is thinking without throwing temper tantrums. He is pronouncing words better now. He is able to feed himself better with a fork. The best part is also with his cognition – He is standing straight and putting weight on his feet. For 3 -15 seconds can stand with no support which is a big steps as his knees used to buckle and he would not be able to stand at all. I was strapping Faaris in his car seat, out of the blue, he grabs my arm and says “mommy…you’re a good mommy” !!!! He has hardly called me by name let alone said something like this to me! How i have longed for this day and it has come!

Two Months after stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements Intake

So now it has been 2 months and Faaris is continuing to make progress. He is saying more word and getting better pronunciation. He is also pulling up to stand on a lot of different things as before it was only very specific items. He has also started to cruise which is something new for him. Cognitively he is able to grasp more social etiquette and is becoming aware of his will power which is hard on us but is a great milestone for him as he is not passive and knows what he wants and is communicating it effectively.

Four Months stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements Intake

Faaris is able to ride a bicycle which has some support for his trunk but he is able to co-ordinate the pedals and push them to move and he actually can ride around the neighborhood now!!!!!!!!! He is saying more sentences and is getting better and better in his communication skills. His retention for learning has really improved. For example I taught him the word tissue yesterday and today when he wanted to wipe his nose he said while pointing to the tissue box ” I want tissue please”. The rate in which he is learning had really increased.


We are so happy that stem cell thearpy plus exists and has given our son a better quality of life!

Aaron Wood, Age 60 – 3 heart attacks and heart failure

Heart attack at 38

I suffered from a massive heart attack in 1988; the result was a necrosis of the backside of my heart. A large part of my cardiac muscle was replaced by scar tissue. Two more heart attacks followed in 1990 and 1992. In 1994, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Our ranch was claimed in 1904 and I was raised in a family of ranchers, but my active life as a rancher was over after the first heart attack. It seems a family tradition: 16 Woods passed away from heart-damage and I was living in constant fear of dying. Nine angiograms were performed and stents were placed. During these years I turned down two possible heart transplants because I did not want to live with the immune suppressive medications for the rest of my life.

“I no longer have any angina pain or no shortness of breath – no symptoms whatsoever”

However, I tried to live my life as actively as possible; taking part in a 5,000 mile motor cycle vacation in 1994 where I got sick. I did not think I would make it home alive. My friend got me home and a pacemaker was implanted which, at that time, worked wonders.

Six months ago, after an examination that showed a very poor cardiac function and my EF capacity down to 19 %, a nurse finally suggested to me that I could look up at stem cell thearpy plus and it supplements and inquire about stem cell thearpy plus treatment. I contacted their representatives, sent all my medical records for evaluation and was accepted as a patient. I was quite anxious about the outcome and was not certain if I would make it back home and made preparations for the worst case.

It was a miracle! I had gone from a terminal illness to having a future. I carried my own bags and walked on my own two feet, just 5 days later. My Doc examined me 10 days after stem cell therapy plus’s supplement intake and agreed to have my pacemaker turned down.

My new life

A recent check-up showed my EF capacity at 45- 55 %. Just two weeks after treatment, I went from 15 prescription pills per day down to 2; walk 2.5 miles without turning blue, lift weights and – finally after 22 years – live a normal life. I am going skydiving next weekend, something I last enjoyed 3 years ago.

I am amazed and really believe in stem cell therapy plus. My brother is a diabetic and my banker has a heart condition. Both are planning to seek treatment with stem cells in the near future and I support and encourage them in their plans.

Update, October 7th 2009:

I no longer have any angina pain or no shortness of breath – no symptoms whatsoever. I am walking 3 miles per day and lifting heavy weights again. I consider this a complete reversal. I saw my cardiologist 2 weeks ago for more testing and he is still shaking his head!

Agnes Hiemstra-Teyken, 52 years, Rupture of left pelvic artery

How it happened

Pregnancy with my fourth child was very straightforward and without anycomplications. I was healthy and fit when I went to the hospital inFebruary 2004. Immediately after giving birth to Fabian sudden massivebleeding occurred. The doctors performed an embolization of the iliacartery, which later on ruptured.

The consequence

As a result of the rupture I was in agonising pain around the clock. My leftside was numb. I could hardly feel my leg and did not have the power tostand properly. Whenever I tried standing, my hips gave way. Thenumbness spread across my stomach, resulting in total numbness of myupper middle body. I could not use the bathroom more than once or twicea week, I suffered from insomnia and groin inflammation and I couldhardly sit. Walking was only possible when I could steady myselfsomewhere and only in the house for very short distances. I could notwalk up the stairs to the bathroom. I would sit on them and hoistmyself up one step at a time. My muscles continued to weaken and due tomy disabilities I could not leave the house on my own.

I could hardly cope with the household chores. Myhusband, who works full-time as a computer safety systems specialist, didthe chores before he left in the morning or after he returned home inthe evening. Our older children were already at the university. My job as achildminder became impossible. I had four children to care for butunfortunately the two younger ones were too much for me to copewith. The parents of the two older kids did not want their children tohave a new nanny and they wanted their children to stay with me, despitemy disability. Yes, we managed it! The kids were at my house only afterschool. I had to look after them and play with them while I lay on thecouch with Fabian always by my side. Because of all the limitations wehad to face, Fabian had hardly been outside during thefirst 18 months of his life and I was very worried that the authoritiesmight take him away.

Naturally I consulted all kinds of doctors. I went toneurologists and to two vascular surgeons. Physiotherapy for my hip andknee did not help. I felt terrible and I lost hope. I was afraid of thefuture and I was depressed. Our daughter and our son got married inApril and in August 2004. Even though I was looking forward to theirweddings and attended them both, I felt as if I was in a trance. Walkingand holding Fabian was so hard for me! It took all my energy. This wasso sad.

The moment of truth

In October 2004 my husband arranged for me to have an MRI scan at our own expense. We wanted to know what was happening to me. Unfortunately our worst fears about my disabilities were confirmed. Unfortunately there was nothing more to say at this point.

In the waiting room we found a brochure of stem cell thearpy plus. We gathered more information about stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements. My husband and I insisted and I was finally order stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements.

The result

After three weeks I started feeling my left leg and after six weeks my leg was totally normal. The pains were fewer but did not disappear totally and my bowel function returned to almost normal. After four months I faced short periods when I was free of all pain. Due to my weakened muscles physical work was still a burden to me but I could sleep and that felt wonderful. Gradually, I managed sitting and walking over longer periods, in spite of my knee, which was still stiff. I could even master the stairs in an upright position and I was able to do my chores.

All these achievements finally enabled me to go out with the kids. I was full of hope and gained self-confidence. I was motivated to go the extra mile. I wanted to get rid of my stiff knee and to be free of pain for longer periods.

My knee got more flexible and I stopped immediately being in pain when under stress. Fortunately I was finally able to sleep normally.

I can stand physical stress for almost an hour without feeling any pain. After I rest my body I can start all over again. Now I cope just fine when I accept my limitations and I try not to ask too much of my body. My horizons have broadened and our family life is almost back to normal. Only Fabian still bears traces of that terrible time. He does not know how to occupy himself, because he was constantly at my side and never alone. I feel a sense of guilt even though I know that I could not have handled that time any differently.

My advice

Health problems should be dealt with quickly and much more constructively and openly. If necessary one should take the initiative and find suitable therapy and supplements for oneself. I am very thankfull to stem cell thearpy plus’s supplements.

Mrs. Alexandria Smith, age 71, heart condition

This stem cell product has been fabulous for my mother, she could hardly walk and it has given her a lot of energy. My mother has had a heart condition for sometime now, she felt weak, and fatigue and after just one month she takes walks and feel more vibrant. Her digestive system has also improve as well as her sleep pattern. At first I thought this could not help her but decided to give it a try and as a nutritional support product, but it has really made a difference for her. I look forward to getting more of this product for her to keep improving her quality of life. Thank you very much.

Denise C. 63 years old, Liver Cirrhosis

I had been a heavy drinker for the past many years resulting in my liver getting early signs of degeneration. My doctors had told me that I may develop Cirrhosis soon and could ultimately end up needing a liver transplant in a few years time. I decided that I would try regeneration of liver through stem cell therapy. I researched online and found Stem Cell Therapy Plus, which was more affordable than other kinds of stem cell therapy. In October 2018 I started to take Stem Cell Therapy Plus’ PE Capsules optimum program. 4 months later, a follow up in February 2019 shows that the major markers of Total Billrubin has decreased and markers such as SGPT and Phosphate are well within normal range now. I am very encouraged with the results and the general improvements in my physical health. I have planned a next round of treatment by taking PE Capsules optimum program for at least 4 more months.

Denise C.

Sean DePaula, 20 years, Diabetes type 1

My name is Sean DePaula and I am 20 years old and a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

My symptoms remained relatively stable since I was recently start taking your stem cell therapy plus’s suppliment. I had to check my blood sugar 8 to 10 times a day. For breakfast, I had to give myself one unit of short-acting insulin for every 20 grams of carbohydrate. For lunch and dinner, I had to give myself one unit of short-acting insulin for every 15 grams of carbohydrate. Every night, I had to give myself about 5 units of long-lasting insulin.

My insulin needs have dropped dramatically. The best thing is that I no longer need to give myself long-lasting insulin. This has allowed me significantly greater freedom and it is very nice to not have to give myself a shot every night. For breakfast, I can have 30 grams of carbohydrate for every unit of insulin. For lunch and dinner, I can have 20 to 25 grams of carbohydrate for every unit of insulin. I think that these numbers may improve even further.

Dr. Prof. Alberto Bazzan, 64 years, Diabetes type 2

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2005. I weighed 124 kg, did not exercise and would sweat for no good reason. My doctor began treating me with metformin in gradually increasing dosages.

Neither exercising nor improving my diet, my condition worsened. Because of this, I decided to take stem cells therapy’s supplements. After taking the supplement, I ordered from Stem Cell Therapy Plus website, I went four months without a single instance of high blood sugar.

For the past 10 weeks, I have stopped taking metformin altogether! My blood pressure is now down into the 100-110 range and my cholesterol is down to 140 with less medication.

My A1C is down to 6.5 from 11 originally.

So now, with a stem cell rejuvenated pancreas and proper diet, I am no longer considered to be “diabetic” in the official sense of the word.

My cardiovascular health has also improved. Last week, I surprised myself by jumping up a large university escalator every other step!

I am now wearing suits that I haven’t been able to wear for 15 years. My friends hardly recognize me because of my slim figure and healthy attitude. Honestly, I still eat a lot but just a lot of the right stuff.

It’s hard for me to imagine that a few short months ago, I was a diabetic. My doctor did not believe it either but my latest blood tests confirm it. Fasting blood sugar 96, blood pressure 107/60 and still losing weight!

Charles Rothwell, 69 years, Diabetes Type 2


I was first diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes in May 1980. For the following 28 years I managed to keep my condition under control with diet, exercise and tablets my HBA 1C readings varying between 6 – 7.5. Gradually the readings elevated to 8+ for my 3 monthly HBA 1C.

I tried increasing my activity, returning to the gymnasium twice weekly together with my active lifestyle of walking, golf and physical labour on my Farming property. The readings remained elevated.

I highly commend the entire staff of stem cell thearpy plus, they patiently answered all questions in a way that I could understand.

My Results

After a recent HBA 1C test result I increased my units to 18 per day with good blood sugar readings, overall this is a reduction of 30% in Insulin usage. My next 3 monthly HBA 1C will further clarify my situation ,there has been a distinct improvement in my condition, I feel great and would consider stem cell thearpy plus taking into account a further improvement in my readings.

John Marcus, age 47, Diabetes type 1


My father has been on insulin for sometime now and from 42 units, in the first month he went down to 22 units. From what I understand that this can help even more by him doing this program for up to 6 months. For me the most important thing is to help him as much as I can and this product is making a difference. He started with one capsule half an hour before breakfast and after five days increased the dosage to 3 capsules per day, which has so far, made a consistent difference. This product also helps him with his sleep, alertness and overall physical movement as well.

Mrs. Silvia Marcus, age 53, Diabetes type 2

My father has been on insulin for sometime now and from 42 units, in the first month he went down to 22 units. From what I understand that this stem cells capsule treatment can help even more by doing this program for up to 6 months. So far this capsule has been working for him. He started with one capsule half an hour before breakfast and after five days increased the dosage to 3 capsules per day, which has made a consistent difference. This capsule also helps him with his sleep, alertness and overall physical movement as well.

Mr. Boris Tinoco, age 56, Diabetes type 1

With the application of a month’s treatment taking the PE capsules in a 2 per day dosage, I have experienced an energy increase and a better sleep. This product also helped me with my sugar level naturally and thus help treat my diabetes. I will do this program for six months consecutively to get the maximum results. I highly recommend PE Capsules to anyone who has diabetes.

Clark Kent, 75 years ago, Nerve Injuries

Hello Stem Cell Therapy Staffs,

I have had 8 live cell injection treatments at clinics but your

pills are way more effective. So when people as me what your treatment is, what could I tell them? As you must know, the clinics which Dr Neehans owned recommends one stem cell therapy injection treatment every two years at $30,000 per treatment.. I am taking three pills per day and I am getting way more results. I cannot write well since a car accident, but since taking your PE pills my motor abilities have improved. I also get many other
health benefis as well.


Clark Q Kent

Bob Hanson, 51 years old, Peripheral Neuropathy


I was telling someone about your product today…

Bob is much better re: his nerve pain, his area of pain is greatly reduced.. About two weeks ago I asked him how far the pain was coming up his leg… he showed me about half way of his foot and yesteday, after he had gotten off extra fluids and did a lymphatic return on legs… I asked again…the severe pain is
in his toes only! Whooo hooo!

Bob is continuing to have results on the nerve pain in his feet and legs. It has not resolved but our financial situation is still very fragile. I am referring several people to your product and have told them to mention Bob’s name…so that we can get any benefit, and they can get the discount we are getting.( I
don’t know if they will order, but nothing ventured nothing gained. and it has definitely helped him. When he has completely resolved. I will let you know.)

I know 2 of them do not have money right now, but I explined that what I did was to save money from one month and put it to that need the next month. I explained that he did get the best benefit with the three a day, but we did not have a choice in ordering the lesser package the next month. I told them a ball park figure for three months based on what we have spent… the more of that money they have before they start the better off
they will be as far as quiker results.

Back to Bob.The pain level IS down to just his toes… he is still having numbnes and tingling from the lower calf down, but that is a long way from where we started less than 5 months ago, when his pain was almost to his groin on the left./less so on right. His left arm and hand pain is almost completely resolved…he had some injuries on that hand and still has residual numbness in the two smaller fingers. The pain had previously been to his mid upper arm on the left.

His pain is lessened to an extent he has begiun to taper off on pain meds he has been on for more than 12 years, and will seek more assistance with reducing dose from his physician when we see him on the first week of the new month…. More update later… but I just could not wait to let you know the nerve pain is much
improved… Denise

– Denise Hanson, Tennessee, USA

Clarisa Concepcion, California, USA

I have tried most of the expensive and branded beauty products from US, Europe and Asia, but Nothing come closer to ABLE stem cell serum. It controls my adult acne breakouts including the extra sebum that my glands secrete, and can be the perfect moisturizer for extreme combination skin. I am happy with the results of ABLE stem cell serum.

Ms Young, Singapore

With in a month, I have noticed that pores on my face are smaller and my skin is smoother after trying the Sheep Placenta Advance Capsules Premium Program.

Rosaima, UK

This is a personal testimony regarding the cosmetic fulfillment I achieved from using my initial bottle of ABLE stem cell serum. One it controls my adult acne breakouts including the extra sebum that my glands secrete but can be the perfect moisturizer for extreme combination skin. I have tried most of the branded and expensive beauty products from the US, Europe and Asia but nothing come close to this product. It might be a little pricier but worth it.

Tracy, C.

This is a personal testimony regarding the cosmetic fulfillment I achieved from using my initial bottle of ABLE stem cell serum. One it controls my adult acne breakouts including the extra sebum that my glands secrete but can be the perfect moisturizer for extreme combination skin. I have tried most of the branded and expensive beauty products from the US, Europe and Asia but nothing come close to this product. It might be a little pricier but worth it.

Daniel Fernandez. Miami FL, USA

Just after 40 days of trying sheep placenta capsules, I can see the result. Scars of skin cancer lesions are getting less and less noticeable by the day. Pores in my face are more refind and cronic dermatitis are disappearing. I am if 57, I look younger and people ask me what I have been doing to look younger. I am feeling better having more energy. I am planning to use it forever.

Leonard B.

Hey Mark I hate to tell you this but I am a health care professional and I know everyone’s body is different. As far as I am concerned I had IMMEDIATE results after 2 day Tx that’s why I love it so much, I am 60 and people guess my age as anywhere between 35 to 45, no one ever thinks 60. For starters my skin is silky smooth, it was so dry before it was ridiculous its got some oil now, I havent had oil on my skin for 15 years. The dark circles under my eyes are gone. I am a diabetic and its very much under control and my wounds heal like when I was 30 with these placenta capsules! I also have a welcomed pimple!!!! I havent had that in years! So pardon me if I get a little anxious about getting my supply, so you mean after 3 months I have more positive things to expect????? WOW! Thanks and see ya! LB

Idalis Palomino International Model / Actress

Not my first dance with cell therapy products but
nothing has worked as great as these, if you have
experience with this type of stuff you’ll find no better
combo, and I unreservedly recommend it.

Polly G.

After taking your new advanced capsules for just one month I am really seeing noticeable energy level already.

It has very positive effect on me, cant explain it but i feel so much better , what a magical stuff

It is really magical!